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This past January, 24th we turned NINE!

Every January we think about how privileged we are to be able to see so many dogs and cats come through our doors. This simply could not be possible without you and your favorite-four legged friend. You fill every single day with surprise and wonder and for that we’d like to extend our endless gratitude.

As we celebrate our birthday, we thought we could start celebrating your favorite four-legged friend’s too!

Birthday Treats are ­— you guessed it — annual presents for your favorite four-legged friend’s birthday!

At the beginning of every month we will send out Birthday Treats, via email, to those whose pet’s birthday falls in that month. (e.g. Spot’s birthday falls sometime in March, so he would receive a Birthday Treat at the beginning of March.)

How to receive Birthday Treats:

1. Sign up for our mailing list.

2. Make sure to add your pet’s birthday month.

3. At the beginning of your pet’s birthday month we’ll

email you a Birthday Treat!

If you’re already a subscriber, simply update your subscription through your last email or by filling out the sign-up form again.

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