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Carol Fellbaum

Owner & Pet Stylist

Carol's affections for dogs began with her first dog, a pug named Fanny. In 1988 she moved from Wisconsin to Houston, where she began working behind the scenes in dog shows. She spent years forming relationships with local and national dog enthusiasts. It was in Houston that she discovered her love for the Bichon Frise breed.  They are now her passion.

In January of 2005 A Dog's Life Pet Salon & Boutique was born out of Carol's desire to give family pets the opportunity to look and feel as special as a show dog. Now, more than 25 years after joining the pet industry, Carol is the owner of a growing small business, and the proud mother of four children, including two Bichons.  She feels blessed to have a career that allows her to be doing what she loves.

Carol is active in her community: supporting the HSPCA, teaching Junior Achievement, and as a member of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce

and a board member of the northwest Women’s Business Forum.

Cindy Rackel

Pet Stylist

Cindy began her love affair with animals at age 15 when she raised a lamb in FFA.  She met Carol at her first job, when she was still in high school, working as a groomer’s assistant.  This was the beginning of Cindy’s career in the dog world.  She has five years experience working as a vet tech, is certified in pet CPR and pet First Aid, and has been grooming for over 15 years.

Our very own "Dr. Dolittle" is the best at connecting with senior dogs, cats and those that require a little more attention. Cindy has found her calling working with animals, and our four-legged clients love and appreciate her.  Four dogs, two cats, and two birds spend their days running (and flying) around Cindy's house. She also has two fish tanks.

Candius Coleman

Pet Stylist

Candius began her grooming career under the watchful eye of Carol after many years as a (human) hair stylist. Large dogs, specifically Standard Poodles, are among her favorite dogs to groom. In lieu of a dog, she has a cat, three snakes, and several lizards and fish.

Krista Hamilton

Apprentice Pet Stylist

Krista is a native of the Spring area and a Klein ISD graduate. She worked in several pet salons and boarding facilities before finding the perfect fit with us at A Dog's Life. Krista and her one and only dog, Gabbie, enjoy curling up with a movie whenever possible.

Joe Coleman

Pet Stylist Assistant

Joe, husband of Candius, grew up in a cattle ranch near Huntsville, TX. Before joining us at A Dog's Life, he was a home re-modeler for 12 years. Joe can often be found gardening, cooking, and relaxing with his cat, three snakes, and several lizards and fish.

Shelly Murdock

Customer Relation Specialist

Minnie Oreo

Roger Fellbaum


Minnie is our resident super model and social butterfly.  Born of a famous bloodline, she resonates style and sophistication.  Minnie has appeared in two Houston Pet Talk photo shoots, makes personal appearances, and has walked the cat walk in multiple fashion shows.  When not attending a charity gala, show or social function, she relaxes at the salon and entertains guests.

Keno Fellbaum


Keno is our mature, debonair, and very stylish Security Chief.  He surveys the interior of the shop, making sure everything and everyone at A Dog's Life is orderly and secure, except when loud noises commence. This distinguished older gentleman does not work during thunderstorms, fireworks, or loud crashes.  Occasionally Keno shares his thoughts about important matters on his blog, Keno's Korner.

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