For the safety of everyone involved, we require all pet visitors be under veterinary care and vaccinated with the following vaccines.


ra⋅bies | Why? It’s a deadly viral disease typically spread through bites. It is required by the state of Texas.


par⋅vo⋅vi⋅rus | Why? It’s an extremely tenacious viral disease. Spread through oral contact with infected feces.


dis⋅tem⋅per | Why? It’s a viral illness with no known cure. Spreads through direct or indirect contact.


bor⋅de⋅tel⋅la | Why? Also known as kennel cough, it is a respiratory disease. Spread to dogs kept in close proximity to one another.

Although we would prefer your dog to have the bordetella vaccination, we do not require it, and will groom/bathe dogs without it.

New puppy?

We currently require the third round of puppy vaccinations to be administered before bringing him/her to our salon. Although, we recommend that you get the fourth round completed.