It all starts with the basics.

The following services are included whether you’re getting a Bath + Tidy, Groom, or anything in-between. However, not all services are mandatory; just let us know which ones we should hold off on until next time.

The Bath

Our standard bath includes a wash in our hypo-allergenic tearless shampoo. While in the tub, we also externally express your pet’s anal glands.

Dry & Brush Out

We begin by towel drying your pet, followed by blowing out the excess water. Finally, using our stand dryer, we brush the hair until completely dry.

Nails & Ears

When all the hair is dry and fully brushed out, we clip the nails, and pluck/clean the ears.

The Terminology

Following the bath, expression of anal glands, drying, nail clipping, and ear cleaning, it’s time to start the clipping! This is when our services start to differ. The next few terms will help you understand what we mean by a Bath + Tidy, Bath + Tidy Plus, and Groom.

Bath + Tidy

Includes a trim around the sanitary areas, feet, and a clean-up around the eyes.

Bath + Tidy Plus

Includes everything a Bath + Tidy includes, plus a trim around the face, tail, and/or feathers.


Includes a full haircut. Depending upon the breed and hair texture, we can do almost anything you’d like. Mohawk? Done.

We’re all about options!

We can perform any of the following additional services upon request. The pricing for these services vary depending upon the size of the pet. As always, we suggest calling for price estimates.

Tooth Brushing

Just like humans, pets greatly benefit from tooth brushing. It not only helps prevent oral diseases, but leaves them with fresh breath.

Blueberry Facial

We use an aroma-therapeutic tear-less shampoo that naturally balances the PH in dogs and cats. Leaves their coat clean and brightened.

Nail Dremeling

Are your dogs scratching you even though their nails are short? Dremeling can help soften edges created by cutting a dog’s nail.

Medicated Shampoo

We have a variety of medicated shampoos that help soothe itchy, dry, or allergy prone skin.

Spa Package

Includes a special shampoo & conditioner, facial, tooth brushing, nail dremeling, scarf or bow, a treat, and finally, a fresh spray of cologne. Scents vary.

Oatmeal Shampoo

We use a soap free and anti-itch cleansing treatment that helps soothe and relieve dry irritated skin.